Cycle: Development Stages

Project: Bennett’s Lane
Architecture: FJMT Studio
Development: Perri Projects & Pellicano
Location: Melbourne

In my experience, saturation began with the advent of Corona render. Even the minor simplifications of the interface and settings, while maintaining a quality of imagery comparable to V-ray, attracted a multitude of new CG adepts. It was at that time that I myself switched to this rendering engine, which we continue to use to this day.

The rapid growth was particularly noticeable in interior design. It felt like almost every second person decided to try their hand at 3D design.

The following factors also influenced the development:

  • Relatively affordable hardware;
  • Convenient video tutorials;
  • A growing database of 3D models;
  • Demand from clients (practice has shown that objects with quality renders sell better);
  • Various courses, ranging from genuinely useful programs to theorists promising "golden mountains" after a week of training. Stay away from the latter!
Guides 3D visualization