Inspiration Space

Part 1

Architecture: Carles Enrich Studio
Photo: Adrià Goula
Location: Spain

This Saturday morning, there’s a longing to immerse in an atmosphere of something warm and eternal. And what could assist us in this is the reconstruction of a church space in a small Spanish town.

In fact, the recipe is ridiculously simple. It involves analyzing engineering nodes, clearing debris, introducing modern utilities, reconstructing the original finishes (oh, how magnificent this stone is), carefully adding panoramic glazing and wooden elements matching the facade’s color. Lights are installed, and the bohemian society is ready to engage in dialogues about the eternal.

Regrettably, in the realities of Russia and with the presence of a stunning historical fund requiring reconstruction, the number of implementations of such projects can be counted on one hand. The reinterpretation of church buildings instantly acquires an anticlerical character, although, in fact, the space retains notes of the eternal and spiritual.

Part 2
Architecture Photo