Architectural Humor, But Not Really

Architecture: Satish Jassal Architects
Photo: Ben Pipe
Project: Haringey Glazed Extension
Location: Haringey, UK

Given that my circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances includes many who are interested in architecture, at least a quarter of my feed in any social network is filled with specific architectural humor.

One of the most striking categories is unauthorized, project-less constructions, showcasing the fantastically absurd "genius" of their creators. Such quirky structures can be found in any city, and their abundance is a good indicator of the overall standard of living.

Less frequently, among these informal constructions, which sometimes involve skilled architects, there are amazing creations that do not amuse but rather astonish and impress. Today, I wanted to introduce you to the façade of such a townhouse. Just so you know, the initial impression of chaos in the picture arises from the neighboring blocks of houses, which could also benefit from renovation or reconstruction. What an awesome eclecticism!
Architecture Photo