Computer Hardware Maintenance

It’s obvious but needs saying: keeping an eye on your hardware is essential. At least every six months, it’s crucial to dismantle and clean workstations from dust and monitor temperature conditions. With our move to a new office, we finally got a server room with air conditioning, virtually eliminating dust and noise issues. I recommend and wish you the same experience.

Conducting maintenance during the peak work season is not advisable, but yesterday I finally got backplates for my 3090s in the main machines and decided to carry out maintenance.

Those who own these cards know they get so hot that you could fry an egg on them under load. Copper radiators on a thermal pad are the simplest solution to mitigate this issue.

Anticipating the question of why we need 3090s when we compute on CPU in Corona, the answer is: the viewport in Max doesn’t turn into a slideshow when handling large-scale projects with 24Gb of video memory onboard. (We'll publish a project twice this size by the end of the year)